Science Extravaganza!

2019 started with a bang for year 6 as we began our science focus for this term with a carousel of activities including the following: investigating burning candles inside jars; exploring the unusual properties of ‘magic’ sand and cornflour; trying to pierce a balloon with a skewer without it popping; investigating how to make a paper clip float; attempting to balance several nails on just one nail; exploring unusual ideas with paper such as cutting a hole through one sheet of A4 large enough to step through (with a friend or two); and experimenting with air pressure using empty bottles and pieces of paper. We also created bouncy eggs.

We also had a lot of fun making pocket rockets using film canisters, fizzy tablets and water and seeing how high we could make them fly.

The children came up with an impressive range of questions, showing that they were thinking like scientists.  The link below will enable you to re-create some of the experiments we tried in school at home or you might like to come up with new ideas of your own to investigate.

Happy experimenting!